You are invited to attend our August SBE Chapter 56 Meeting! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

“Wireless Microphones vs. the FCC Spectrum Repack”

KOED Studios
535 North Greenwood Ave
Tulsa, OK 

 You are invited to attend the next SBE Chapter 56 meeting on Tuesday, August 22  at 12:00 noon at the KOED Studios 535 N. Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK. Lunch will be provided. 

The meeting will feature a program from Lectrosonics.

Congress authorized the FCC to use incentive auctions as a means to free up spectrum in the 600 MHz band for wireless broadband use.  Bidding in the auction closed on March 30, 2017, repurposing 84 megahertz of spectrum – 70 megahertz for licensed use and another 14 megahertz for wireless microphones and unlicensed use. The auction yielded $19.8 billion in revenue, including $10.05 billion for winning broadcast bidders and more than $7 billion to be deposited to the U.S. Treasury for deficit reduction.

The final Channel Reassignment Public Notice triggers a 39 month “clock” during which the TV stations must either go off the air or move to their new assigned channels. This will proceed in 10 “phases” beginning this July and continuing until October 2020. Once the new wireless services begin operation in a particular city on their assigned channel, wireless operation in that channel must cease. So the changeover will be different for every city.

We will discuss how this spectrum repack will affect broadcaster’s use of wireless microphones and how to plan for the future.  Our guest presenter will be Max Francis with Lectrosonics. Max Francis background includes a ten-year career in the professional audio and film industries, working as a musician, engineer and technical equipment consultant as well as in acquisitions. In the film industry, Max served as an ADR engineer for international releases such as “Terminator 4” and “Crash”. As a music engineer he has worked with a number of musicians including James Newton, as well as on projects for several artists with the Brooklyn Academy record label.

Lunch will be provided!

We hope to see you there!

Future Dates for your calendars: September 26, 2017 –  SBE Chapter Meeting from Sourcerer