Welcome to SBE Tulsa

Friday, 7:30am to 3pm, March 27, 2015
OAB SBE Engineering Conference

Join us for a day of Engineering Seminars – FREE

@ Skirvin Hotel
One Park Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102


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Deadline to register is Wednesday, March 11.

7:30–8:30a Chapter 85 & Chapter 56 Breakfast Meeting

8:30–10:00a Radio 20/20: The Future of the Industry Crystal Room
Radio is going through some very quick and dramatic changes in both audience consumption and distribution
technology. The OAB has assembled an All Star Cast of panelists—Erica Farber of RAB, Jeff Wender for Digital, and
Paul Jacobs for Technology—to assess our current landscape and to forecast where the industry is going.

10:15–11:30a HD Radio Grand A
Industry leader and innovator Tom Ray, President, Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting, will discuss HD radio, starting
with what it is, what it takes to put it on the air, how to have the HD Talk with the GM, and why you need “all this
stuff.” Tom will also give you some ideas on how to add a few dollars to the station’s bottom line with HD using real
world examples.

8:30–9:50a ATSC 3.0 Grand B
Please join Sinclair Broadcast Group’s VP Mark Aitken who will speak on the recent first test with Technicolor
deploying ATSC 2.0 UltraHD over the air. This experimental OFDM transmission in Baltimore shows how broadcasters
will deliver the highest quality content using integrated technology from Technicolor. Mr. Aitken will discuss the
ATSC 3.0 initiatives which will give stations the ability to reliably deliver content to tablets and portable devices as
well as 4K Ultra HD to our home audiences.

10:00–10:50a 4K Grand B
The video world is changing rapidly, and here is an opportunity to learn the applications of 4K 444 (12 bit) footage.
John Ladle, AJA Video Systems, will present ways to escalate production value that was attainable even last year
with output live to the air, web, replay and simultaneously live 4k as well as your preferred format of HD. See how
AJA can make your content as stunning as you see on most live sporting events.

Joint Radio & Television Sessions
11:00–11:50p Unmanned Aerial Systems 14th Floor, Continental Room
The foremost authority on UAS’s, Mr. Toney Stricklin, Major General US Army (Ret), will present a session on
Oklahoma’s strategic role in UAS development and the status of the FAA’s approval of regulations and policies. Learn
how UAS’s can be employed in commercial and business applications especially for broadcasters, and see how the
unmanned industry will unfold and how you can be more knowledgeable about this very critical tool.

12:00–1:30p Luncheon with Main Convention Ballroom
Hear the dynamic leader of the NAB and former two‐term US Senator Gordon Smith discuss the relevance of free
over the air broadcasting.

1:30–3:00p Radio & TV: Open Mic Grand A & B
Roger Herring, KTUL‐TV, State EAS Chair
Get the latest on EAS and discuss relevant issues that affect your world. David Oxenford and Art Morris will be on
hand to answer your questions. Bring an idea or question and share with others statewide on how you can make the
engineering/IT world better. Join us as we unleash the power of the smartest people at our broadcast stations.

No Charge to Attend—Courtesy of OAB & SBE