Welcome to SBE Tulsa

Tuesday, noon, April 26, 2016

Join SBE 56 at the National Weather Office – Tulsa

10159 E. 11th St., Suite#300
Tulsa, OK  74128


The SBE Program will be a tour of the National Weather Service Office here in Tulsa.  Our host will be Steve Piltz, Meteorologist-in-Charge, with the Tulsa Office.  We will see all state of the art weather equipment and how emergency information is sent out the public.

We will also discuss dual pole radar technology.  This new advanced technology is helping federal weather forecasters more accurately track, assess and warn the public of approaching high-impact weather.   Dual-polarization is the most significant enhancement made to the nation’s federal weather radar system since Doppler technology was first installed in the early 1990s. Dual-pol radar sends and receives both horizontal and vertical pulses, which produces a much more informative picture of the size and shape of the objects in the sky. This provides meteorologists the ability to distinguish between rain, snow, hail and non-weather items like wildfire smoke plumes, birds and insects. Conventional Doppler radar only has a one-dimensional view making it difficult to tell the type of precipitation or object in the sky.

 We look forward to seeing you at the National Weather Office – Tulsa.