Thanks to everyone that attended our November SBE Chapter 56 Meeting! 


RF Layer Monitoring

You are invited to attend the next SBE Chapter 56 meeting on  Wednesday, November 18 at 12:00 Noon.  The meeting will be held virtually using the Zoom Conference Application.  The discussion will be hosted by William Smith with Avateq. 

Avateq Corp manufacturers RF layer monitoring solutions for terrestrial and satellite distribution of video.  Avateq recently introduced a 2nd generation of the RF Monitoring Tools.  The new generation of the device brings real-time updates, a re-designed web interface and new tools and options for more efficient transmitter monitoring. Furthermore, they presented the AVQ200 – RF Signal Inspector for monitoring off-air signals. With its SFN monitoring capabilities and easy-to-carry packaging, AVQ200 is an excellent tool for in-field signal analysis.

Hundreds of AVQ1020s are currently monitoring TV transmitters.  Furthermore, the AVQ1022 – RF Signal Analyzer is used by RF consultants and transmitter field engineers for proof of performance at the transmitter sites.

William Smith started his career in a TV broadcast industry in 1985 as a Sales Manager for New York, NY with Videotek Inc.  In 1990, Will joined Tektronix with sales responsibility for the key USA house accounts and coordinating Tektronix product managers on the development and enhancements of TV test equipment.  In 1995, William was promoted to the position of the USA Sales Director for Tektronix. 

In 2011, Will joined Avateq Corp., a young Canadian company entering the US market with innovative RF signal monitoring solutions.  As the Director of USA Sales, William applied his expertise and consulted the engineering team on the required functionality and features.  This approach led to the development of products highly praised by the industry experts and installed at hundreds of TV stations across the United States.

SBE members, guests and other interested industry professionals are invited to attend.

We hope you can join us!




SBE Chapter 56 Officers

Don Dobbs – Chapter Chairman
Jim Mertins – Vice Chairman
Brett Gilbert – Secretary
Richard Hardy – Treasurer