Welcome to SBE Tulsa

Tuesday, Noon, July 8, SBE 56 Meeting

Starting at 9am it’s a full day of Tektronix seminars!
We’re meeting at:

535 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106



Our meeting will be at noon with lunch provided by Aja!  But come for the full day of Tektronix VideoInsight seminars beginning at 9am – 4:30pm.  It counts toward 1 credit of category H SBE recertification.   AJA will show off their new FS-1-X and Raun Hamilton will demo the new JVC GY-HM890 and GY-HM650 cameras!  Meeting details are below!  Plan to join us!

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Presentation & Demonstration Topics

• Making the Most of Waveform Monitors in Today’s World

- Understanding SD, HD & 4K Video and Color Gamut

- QC with a Waveform Monitor

- Another way to align multiple cameras quickly, in minutes not hours

• Sync, GPS, and Timing Tips

- Sync and Timing in the Digital World

- Timecode Primer

• Audio Delay, Loudness and ANC data

- How is the FCC Likely to Enforce the CALM Act?

- DialNorm in Motion: How loudness is affected by the device chain in your facility?

- How Audio Gets Out of Sync

- Ancillary Data Primer

• Interfaces Expanded & HEVC Compression

- SDI Physical Layer 3Gb/s

- Optical Interfaces

- HDMI & HDCP in the professional world

• ABR & MPEG Network Monitoring

- Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

- How Picture Quality is impacted by Transcoding

- New HEVC (h.265) Compression

• File Based QC

- Do I need to QC File based work flows?

- Wrappers, contents, Hot Folders, Automation

- Cloud base QC