SBE/56 Frequency Coordination Above 1 GHz


I received this from Dennis Orcutt, OKC Frequency Coordinator, concerning the FCC REQUIREMENT of listing all of your 7 & 13 GHz stationary RECEIVE sites in their ULS database.

February 5, 2013
From Dennis Orcutt
To SBE Frequency Coordinators
“. . . In looking at the instructions they released today what someone would be doing is adding a 7 and/or 13 GHz stationary receive site to their current TV Pickup authorization. You are modifying your current authorization. When you get the authorization back it will show Location 1 as the transmit, typically a radius defined by a centerpoint, with Locations 2, 3, 4, etc, being the receive sites. Again, this addition of receive sites with the fee waived is only for 7 and 13 GHz TV pickup up until the deadline date of April 1 (no foolin’). After April 1, 2013 the licensee pays the standard $150 filing fee to modify their authorization to add receive sites. I hope this helps to answer questions you may get asked by stations in your coordination area.”

Here is the FCC site that shows this recent notice:

Listing your stationary receive sites information will help protect you of any future interference problems.


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