SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of June 25, 2013

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of June 25, 2013

KOTV /Griffin Media,Tulsa,OK

Chapter Chairman Roger Newton called the meeting to order and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

  • Approval of Meeting Minutes:

Approval of Minutes as posted on the Chapter 56 website was called for, motion was requested, and motion was made, seconded and approved by voice vote.

  •  Treasurers Report:

The checking account balance was reported as $3,715.30.

  • Secretary’s report

Brett Gilbert announced that he has received the chapter paperwork and documentation from Darin Hall.

  • Frequency Coordination above 1 GHz:

Nothing to report. 

  • Frequency Coordination below 1 GHz:  

Nothing to report.

  • EAS Report:

Nothing to report.

  • Certification Report:

* David Shaffer reported that KTUL paid for the KTUL engineers CBNE exam costs leaving only four chapter members to be reimbursed for their CBNE exam costs.
* Application date has passed for August testing.
* Application window for November test closes on Sept, 2013.
* Jubilee Project is still available for engineers who have allowed their certification to expire.  Jubilee allows SBE members whose certification expired from January 1999 to January 2012 to renew their certification without testing. Please see the SBE site for more information.
* Roger Herring mentioned that there is a SBE RF Safety course webinar coming up, $99 for members and $150 for non-members.  There is a discount for 5 or more persons taking the webinar at the same time

  • Website Report :

Nothing to Report

  • Old Business:

Nothing to Report

  • New Business:

Roger Newton made a motion that the lunch, which was provided by KOTV, be reimbursed by the SBE Chapter. The motioned was seconded and approved by a verbal vote.

David Shaffer proposed having a SBE Chapter meeting / presentation for local General Managers in September or October to familiarize them with current engineering issues affecting local stations.  One suggestion was a presentation on the current proposed TV spectrum re-packing.  It was suggested that such a meeting possibly be coordinate with the OAB / Vance Harrison. It was suggested to further discuss at up coming meetings.

  • Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned without vote.

  •  Program:         

The scheduled program was cancelled due to a family emergency. Ken Dillard from Digital Nirvana was scheduled to be the presenter.

Darin Hall located a recorded SBE presentation by Harris on The Real World of Disaster Recovery – Leassons Learned and Mistakes made at KREX-TV which was played for those in attendance.

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