SBE 56 Chapter Meeting Minutes – 1-17-14

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of January 17, 2014

KOTV /GriffinMedia –Tulsa,OK

Chapter Co-Chairman Jim Mertins called the meeting to order.

  • Approval of Meeting      Minutes:

    Approval of Minutes as posted on the Chapter 56      website was called for, motion was requested, and motion was made,      seconded, and approved by voice vote.

  •  Treasurer’s Report:

    Checking account balance on January 17, 2014 is $3,482.22. There have been      no debits or credits.
  • Secretary’s report

    Members reported viewing the previous month’s report and a motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded. The minutes were approved by a voice vote.

  • Frequency Coordination above 1 GHz:

    No report – coordinator not present

  • Frequency Coordination below 1 GHz:

    Nothing to  report

  • New Business:

    Annual officer elections are coming up soon so a committee will need to be formed for officer elections.  Roger Newton’s position as Chapter Chair will need to be filled.

    OAB will also be approaching soon, the question was raised do we want to bring in another instructor and have a certification exam during the OAB maybe an 8VSB for TV and/or DAB for radio.

    • EAS Report:

      EAS chairman not present. David Shaffer      reminded everyone that if you have the new style Sage Digital ENDEC you      must upgrade the certificate in the unit to continue receiving alerts due      to the national RWT being missed on 1/13 due to expired certificates in      the Sage units.

    • Certification      Report:

      Next certification exams are during the NAB      convention. Application deadline is March 31st, 2014.

    • Website Report :

      Nothing to report

  • Old Business:

    No      old business to report

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