SBE 56 Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2014

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of May 27, 2014

OETA Studios –Tulsa,OK

Chapter Chairman Roger Newton called the meeting to order.

  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: Approval of Minutes as posted on the Chapter 56 website was called for, motion was requested, and motion was made, seconded, and approved by voice vote.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Checking account balance on May 27, 2014 is $3,317.97. There was a $87.25 debit for a check written to OETA for reimbursement of lunch. There have been no credits.
  • Secretary’s report Brett Gilbert reported verifying the previous month’s report was posted to the website and a motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded. The minutes were approved by a voice vote.
  • Frequency Coordination above 1 GHz: Nothing to report
  • Frequency Coordination below 1 GHz: Nothing to report
  • EAS Report: EAS chairman not present.
  • Certification Report: Certification Chair not Present.
  • Website Report : Nothing to report 
  • Old Business: Chapter Elections were once again discussed as several positions will have to be filled this year.  We are due for election but need volunteers to step up for the Chairman and Asst./Vice Chairman positions as both persons are at their two term limits. 
  • New Business: Brett Gilbert made a motion to reimburse OETA/Roger Newton for the chapter meeting lunch from the chapter checking account.  The motion was seconded and voted on and approved by a voice vote.
  • Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned
  • Program:  SBE DVD – History of the SBE 


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