SBE 56 – Meeting Minutes – 10-28-14

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of October 28, 2014

OETA Studios – Tulsa, OK

Chapter Chairman Roger Newton called the meeting to order.

  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: Approval of Minutes as posted on the Chapter 56 website was called for, motion was requested, and motion was made, seconded, and approved by voice vote.
  • Treasurer’s Report: No debits or credits, balance is $3,124
  • Secretary’s report Not present, nothing to report.
  • Frequency Coordination above 1 GHz: Not present, nothing to report.
  • Frequency Coordination below 1 GHz: Not present, nothing to report
  • EAS Report: Roger Herring reported on failed IPAWS for Central time zone and briefly discussed Bobby Bones EAS alert and that the FCC was investigating.
  • Certification Report: Nothing to report.
    Website Report : Nothing to report
  • Old Business: No old business was discussed.
  • New Business: No new business was discussed.
  • Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned
  • Program: Hosted by Raun Hamilton and Brian Gleason and Dave Buck from Imagine Communications.

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