Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2016

SBE 56 Meeting Minutes for October 25, 2016

Don Dobbs, Chapter Chairman, Called the meeting to order.

Committee Reports

Secretary’s Report
The minutes for the last meeting were posted on the chapter website. A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made and accepted as posted.

Treasurer’s Report
There nave been no deposits or debits since last meeting and the account has $3,892.76 in it.

Frequency Coordination
Below 1 GHz – Nothing to report
Above 1 GHz – James Ferguson from KDOR TV reported that they have been getting interference in their STL at 7.1GHz. It seems to be mostly in the early morning and afternoon when most stations are doing reports from the field. He will be working with Larry Miller and others to see if they can find the source of the interference

Ann Bruun from KJRH is scheduled to take the CBNT exam during the November testing cycle.

The reports for the National Test were mostly positive. There have been some problems with the completion of form 2 and form 3 needs to be completed by November 3rd.

Old Business

New Business
The OAB will be coming up next March and They are looking for session ideas for the technical portion of the convention. They are especially interested in ideas for Radio.
Don’t forget about the next SBE Meeting on November 15t. the subject will be VUE-CUBE Customer Control For Master Control and Production” presented by Evertz
Make plans to attend the SBE56 Holiday party on Thursday, December 15th at Red Lobster sponsored by Giesler Broadcast Supply!

This month’s program is presented by Jim Godfrey and Ben Crease from JamPro Antennas Inc.
They talked about the proposed television channel repack and the use of broadband antennas. What’s at stake for broadcasters and viewers in the proposed FCC channel repack? It is quite complicated. Repacking involves reorganizing television stations in the broadcast television bands so that stations that remain on the air after the incentive auction occupy a smaller portion of the UHF band, thereby freeing up a portion of that band for new wireless services. The FCC has shown broadcasters their post-spectrum auction repack future, in a pyramid of nine phases with a timetable of 39 months. The process will amount to a second DTV transition requiring thousands of channel changes, tower and antenna moves and channel rescanning by millions of viewers. It is also possi

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