Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2017

SBE Meeting Minutes for Januart 24, 2017
Don Dobbs, Chapter Chairman, Called the meeting to order
Committee Reports
Secretary’s Report
The minutes for the last meeting were posted on the chapter website. A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made and accepted
Treasurer’s Report
The chapter account had $3892.76 in it at the end of last month. There have been no deposits or debits since last month and the account has $3892.76 in it as of today.
Frequency Report
Above 1 GHz – Nothing to report
Below 1 GHz – Nothing to report.
Certification Report
Nothing to report
Nothing to report
Old Business
Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Convention next year will be in Oklahoma City on March 30 – 31, 2016. Technical Sessions for the Engineering conference are being set up.
New Business
This month’s program was presented by Robert Orban, Orban Labs Inc. via Got To Meeting
He discussed the different ways to process audio for broadcast purposes.

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