Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2017

SBE Meeting Minutes for September 25, 2017
Don Dobbs, Chapter Chairman, Called the meeting to order
Committee Reports
Secretary’s Report
The minutes for the last meeting were posted on the chapter website. A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made and accepted
Treasurer’s Report
The chapter account had $3932.99 in it at the end of last month. There were no Debits or Deposits.
The present balance is $3932.99
Frequency Report
Above 1 GHz – Nothing to report
Below 1 GHz – Nothing to report.
Certification Report
The next testing will be Nov 3 – 13. The application deadline was yesterday Sept 25.
Reminder of the National EAS Test on Thursday.
Old Business
New Business
This month’s program was presented Eddy Vanderkerken , the owner of The Sourcerer, LLC
He introduced us to the Plisch Transmitter Company and their transmitters.
The Next Meeting will be October 24, 2017.

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