Meeting Minutes – Febuary 20, 2018

SBE 56 Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2018
Location – OETA Studios Tulsa
Don Dobbs, Chapter Chairman, called the meeting to order
Committee Reports
Secretary’s Report – The minutes of the last meeting were posted on the Chapter 56
Website. The motion was made and seconded that the minutes be accepted as posted. The motion passed without objection
Treasurer’s Report. – The chapter checking account has $3,683.90 in it. There has
been one debit for $45.98 for lunch for the Nomination
Frequency Coordination –
Above 1 GHZ – Nothing to report
Below 1 GHZ – No Report
Richard Hardy said that he was going to send out the old list of
Wireless mic frequencies and asked that the list be updated as to
what frequencies are being used at this time.
Certification – The next testing will be at NAB. The cutoff for registration is
March 2. The next testing will be June 1 – 10. The cutoff for
registration will be April 20.
EAS – Nothing new to report
Old Business – The nomination committee has met and come up with a slate of candidates for the election of officers in March. The Candidates are: Don Dobbs Chapter Chairman, Jim Mertins Vice Chairman, Brett Gilbert Secretary and Richard Hardy Treasurer. The election will be in March. It will be by Computer. There was a motion made that the rule that officers could only hold an office position for 2 consecutive years be suspended for this election. The motion was seconded and passed without opposition.
New Business, – The OAB is coming on April 20, 2018. It will be at the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa this year. There will be technical sessions for SBE Members this year. The sessions will include but not be limited to: a panel discussion on the Television Repack, NextGen TV 3.0 and Best Practices for Streaming Radio. The sessions are being finalized and will be announced shortly.
Program – “Best Practices for Transmitter Remote Control” Presented by Matt Leland with Burk Technology

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