SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of May 26, 2020

Virtual Meeting – Zoom Conference

Program: Steve Moreen with Dielectric.

As the U.S. spectrum repack advances toward conclusion, Dielectric is hard at work preparing for the future of over-the-air broadcast opportunities for Radio and Television Stations. With Dielectric completing its remaining shipments for Phase 10 — the final repack phase for higher power stations — the company is ready to tackle the NextGen TV transition. Dielectric established a manufacturing strategy across two facilities that focused on advance production, assembly and stocking of antennas and supporting RF systems. This ensured that Dielectric could not only reliably deliver orders across strict repack timelines, but also accommodate emergency requests and fill new orders unrelated to repack.

Please plan to join us on our next virtual SBE Meeting which includes a picture tour of Dielectric manufacturing plants in Raymond and Lewiston, ME.

Steve Moreen, KA6UGS is the Western Region Sales Manager for Dielectric and has been a Ham since 1967.  Steve’s first job in commercial broadcasting was as a high school student in 1969,  Since that time, he has worked as both technician and chief engineer at various radio and television stations as well as president and general manager of a commercial satellite teleport.