Chapter 56 Minutes – 9-23-20

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of September 23, 2020

Virtual Meeting – Zoom Conference
(joint meeting with OKC, OK and D/FW, TX)

Shure Wireless Broadcast Solutions – Wes Pitzer of Highway Marketing:

Wes has over 20 years’ experience as a concert sound engineer. He has worked with acts of all sizes and genres, and his experience also includes studio design and engineering. Wes lives his passion for audio and especially the technical aspects of production, which makes him an incredible resource for knowledge. His love of the industry and the great state of Texas led him to his current role as the Territory Manager for Technical/Pro/Retail at Highway Marketing, where he is one of the staff consultants introducing the newest technology in the AV industry.

Joining in the presentation will be Jenn Liang-Chaboud with Shure.  Ms. Liang-Chaboud has a wide range of experience in live production sound, not only as having been a product manager for Shure, but working on the development of products from initial conception, working with high-end users to develop new ideas, to writing code, to user case studies after product release — and as a user, since she’s a live performer and choreographer herself. She covered topics ranging from recent FCC policy and future developments, understanding what spectrum is available for live sound and how to get the most efficient use out of it, and how to engineer the most robust wireless transmission for the most demanding environments.