Chapter 56 Meeting Report – 3-24-21

SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of March 24, 2021

Virtual Meeting – Zoom Conference
(joint meeting with OKC, OK and D/FW, TX)

Program:  Transporting Media over IP STL’s – Tony Gervasi – GatesAir / Intraplex:

Tony Gervasi is the Intraplex Sales Manager at GatesAir with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in innovative oversight of Information Technology, Broadcast Engineering, Digital Delivery systems, VOIP, Audio/Video over IP, Customer Relationship Management and heading broadcast / technical teams.

GatesAir introduced Intraplex Ascent as a next-gen Media over IP platform. Intraplex Ascent represents an evolution in broadcast and IT convergence and is GatesAir’s first Intraplex system to live on a COTS x86 server. Ascent provides broadcasters with a highly scalable, redundant and cloud-based transport platform for multichannel contribution and distribution. Designed for centralized control and maximum interconnectivity, Ascent is compliant with the AES67 standard, today’s leading AoIP networking solutions, and most Intraplex Audio over IP codecs.

GatesAir also integrates Video over IP support into the Intraplex Ascent Transport Platform.  Ascent SRT Gateway applications are ideal for TV and radio broadcasters moving externally-generated, high-bandwidth video and audio content to multiple destinations.  Ascent offers two key differentiating factors for IP transport: an ability to manage many Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streams on a centralized platform, and its integration of GatesAir’s unique Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) software. The latter diversifies SRT data across redundant networks, and adds protection against packet losses and network failures.