Chapter 56 Meeting Report – May 26, 2021

Virtual Meeting – Zoom
(Joint meeting with Tulsa, OKC, D/FW)

Program:  RF Measurement Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Presented by Phil Larsen of QForce Communications:

QForce uses cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/UAS’s) and technologies to produce efficient, accurate and cost effective measurement solutions within the broadcast, telecommunications and defense RF environments.

Phil Larsen, one of leading experts in vertical inspection by way of UAV in a RF environment, serves as Vice President of the Airborne Division and responsible for leading the QForce team, a group of specialists tapped to operate, service and support the new division. Larsen’s career dates back over a decade and includes extensive experience designing solutions and advising the telecommunication industry on the benefits of using UAVs. Larsen previously worked for the DoD, NSA, CIA, Navy and other governmental agencies globally, and brings with him an exceptional background and understanding of the safe, accurate and overall benefits this technology will deliver to QComm customers.