Chapter 56 Meeting Report – 6/23/21

Virtual Online Meeting – Zoom
(Joint meeting with Tulsa, OKC, D/FW)

Program:  C-Band Satellite Repack Demystified

The C-band satellite repack is in full-swing but it’s surprising how much there is to know as a broadcast engineer manager. For example, did you know that TV stations in some markets need to change filters twice in the coming three years? Did you know most radio stations can install a “blue” filter now?

Doug Watson of LinkUp unwraps all this in a Zoom presentation. Doug joined LinkUp Communications last year as a technical sales engineer. LinkUp is doing a lot of the field work of upgrading dishes with new filters and related services.

Treasurer Report: The Chapter rebate check for the 2020 renewal cycle was $395.25. The rebate check was down from the 2019 renewal cycle which was $522.25. The bank account balance after depositing the check will be $4,443.09.