SBE Chapter 56 Meeting Minutes of March 23, 2022

Virtual Meeting – Zoom Conference
(joint meeting with OKC, OK and D/FW, TX)

Program:  ATSC 3.0 In The Real World:

Mike Schmidt from Heartland Video Systems takes a deep dive into ATSC 3.0. He’ll cover the encoder and packager including all the components of the signal, the current implementation, the launch process including block diagram and bill of materials, and a status update on consumer devices.

Mike Schmidt is a Senior Systems Engineer at Heartland Video Systems, Inc.  He is responsible for building out the HVS ATSC 3.0 lab, designing the 3.0 systems during the sales process, guiding HVS customers thru 3.0 market launches to include setup, testing, installation, commissioning, ModCod development, and training the customers on the actual equipment.  Mike also works with manufacturers and other entities on additional technologies integral to ATSC 3.0, and using the HVS 3.0 lab to make sure new configurations and technologies work before implementing them into on-air customer systems. Mike’s background includes 20 years at HVS, mainly in encoding and PSIP equipment.  Earlier in his career, Mike was in the US Navy and was involved with the satellite communications field at L3 Communications.