SBE 56 Chapter Minutes – 6-21-22

KOED / OETA Studios – Tulsa, OK

Chapter Chairman Don Dobbs called the meeting to order. Meeting attendees introduced themselves.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

    There is a current balance of $4,659.15.
    There was an $156 debit for the chapter PO Box.
    There was a $443.50 deposit from the SBE National Office.

  • Secretary’s report

    Nothing to report

  • Frequency Coordination above 1 GHz:

    Roger Newton reported on the PGA coordination at Southern Hills

  • Frequency Coordination below 1 GHz:

    Nothing to Report

  • EAS Report:

    State Plans are being worked on to bring them into compliance with the new national standards required by the FCC and the new FEMA Template. These changes are required to be completed by July 1st. Also the website is being relocated and will eventually be hosted by the OAB.  Also there is some work being done to see about rolling out additional GSS.Net capabilities to some LP-2 around the state,

  • Certification Report:

    A replacement for David Shafer as Certification Chairman is being sought.

  • Website Report:

    As mentioned previously, is being transitioned to hosting by the OAB.
  • Old Business:

  • New Business:

    Brett Gilbert made a motion that was seconded to create a committee for nomination of new Chapter Officers.  We have not had an election since before COVID.  Brett Gilbert desires to step down from the Chapter Secretary office.

  • Adjournment:

    Meeting was adjourned


LED Obstruction Lighting: Tom Amador, Regional Sales Manager from Dialight, will presented an informative talk on Dialight’s High Intensity LED Technology and the long-term cost savings of LED Tower lighting.

Tom has been with Dialight Corporation since 2014, helping broadcast tower owners and end users reduce their tower lighting OPEX and improve lighting operational performance with next-generation LED System solutions. Dialight is the developer of High Intensity LEDs, and the first company to receive FAA certification for High Intensity LEDs for tall broadcast towers. Dialight has completed several hundred successful tall tower lighting conversions to date and counting.

Prior to Dialight, Tom worked for some of the largest communications companies in the world such as AT&T and T-Mobile helping build-out and serve wireless business customers with global solutions. Tom appreciates the opportunity to share his experience with LED lighting for broadcast towers and show how Dialight’s solutions can help broadcasters and tower operators improve performance of their tower lighting with more efficient energy-saving LED solutions that will last for years to come with no maintenance.