Common Sense vs. the NTSB – Mark Bell

Far be it for this newsletter to be critical of a great organization like the NTSB, but the recent call for a ban on cell phone use while driving by the organization is not the best use of their power. In fact, it seeks to standardize the lowest common denominator.  Those good at use have to lower to those bad. …

The best present – Give yourself a future

In 1985 a Bakersfield CA truck operator was killed in what seems to be the first documented ENG truck electrocution-fatality. The most recent similar fatality occurred in Texas with the death of a young operator in 2004. In between, van operators and reporters have been killed, maimed, injured, scared and scarred, in similar and very different accidents. And since 2004, mast-up …

Getting it on the air – on time

We were running late for our feed time, we assumed that the world would allow us to go above speed limits.  If stopped, flashing press badges would save us.  The least experienced driver was driving the car, the gang figuring they could navigate and write while I “just” drove. We had our excuses loaded and

Preparing to Drive Live Trucks in Winter

Make sure they can see you The “Aim High” and “Get the big picture” are directives many of us may remember from way-back-when in Drivers Education courses. “Keep your eyes moving.”   Aim high in steering Get the big picture Keep your eyes moving